Driveways & Walkways

You never get a second chance to make a first impression! Your driveways and walkways are an integral part of your landscaping because they’re the first impression of your home. Your driveway also needs to hold up to the test of time – it should not only be stunning, it needs to be durable and functional.

A well-designed driveway integrates seamlessly with your surrounding landscape and your home’s architectural style. We have expert designers to help you design your driveway and walkways according to aesthetics, budget, and irrigation needs.

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Which paver is right for you?

You’ve decided to take the big step, and upgrade your patio or driveway with pavers. But after starting some research, you’ve started to feel overwhelmed with choices. How many types of pavers are there? What are the differences? What are the benefits of each?

There are three main types of pavers on the market: smooth pavers, tumbled pavers, and textured pavers. While any of these three would look really good at your home, only one of them is perfect for you. Give us a call and we will help you!

Smooth pavers are typically the most inexpensive of the three. As the name suggests, they have a smooth top, and feature sharp, even corners. This provides a more minimalist look. And while all pavers are easy to wash and maintain, these are the easiest.

In general, every paver can be tumbled. Tumbled pavers get their name from their manufacturing process, where they are placed in a large round machine that turns nonstop, tumbling the pavers. This produces a more classic “Old World” look (similar to a European chateau or Italian villa).

The surface is rough and the corners have a weathered and aged appearance. This hand customization, and additional step in the process, is the reason for the small increase in cost, and the reason for the unique and specific look for the tumbled pavers.

Textured pavers have a textured surface that has been imprinted on top during the manufacturing process. Some pavers have very rough textures like the Belgard Mega Lafitt paver, and some pavers have a very light texture, such as the Olsen Infinity Skifer paver. When choosing a texture, heavy textures are usually recommended for driveways, while light textures are recommended for patios, pool decks and walkways. These pavers have a natural stone look to them, creating an elegant and more expensive look.